Happy Birthday Ariel!


Last Saturday was my good friend Ariel's 21st birthday party. And unlike my birthday, Ariel had a big thing all planned out, with far more fanfare. Which, in my mind, is perfect, because while I don't like there to be lots of fanfare about me, I'm all for huge parties in celebrations of others.

So we went to her aunt's house in Brentwood (they went to San Diego for the weekend, and let us use it). Her parents and sister came down to LA, and hosted a big party for about 25 of us, complete with amazing food (TERIYAKI MEATBALLS!), karaoke, and lots of different drink choices. I particularly enjoyed the chocolate cake shots - more precisely, watching people be really skeptical before taking the drink, then wide-eyed surprise that it worked.

It was just a night of fantastic food, drink, and merrymaking. I actually sang a bit of karaoke - Kansas's "Carry on Wayward Son"! Oh, and her good friend Natalie and I teamed up for a toast/roast (a troast, if you will), complete with a fake microphone and a badass paper bowtie for me (as you can see in one of the pictures).

From what I could tell, this night was just what she had in mind. So Happy 21st Birthday, Ariel - welcome to the club!

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