Last One Out, Hit The Lights

A while back, Microsoft discontinued support for old Xbox titles on Xbox Live, mainly because they were holding back features that they wanted to implement. This is an inconvenience for people who still played older games online, but for the most part, those online communities had pretty much died.

That is, except for Halo 2, which still maintained a sizable player base long after the release of Halo 3. And as of earlier today, there are still 14 people connected and playing games of Halo 2 online. I don't know if they're actively playing, or just leaving their characters idle (I assume a mix of the two), but these 14 are essentially prolonging the final death of Halo 2 online multiplayer. Nobody else can join in (I tried earlier - access to the servers is cut off), but they're still there until they disconnect (or Microsoft kills the servers completely), or until their consoles overheat.

I enjoyed reading the comments on this article about it, because there's something so very poetic about this entire situation. Imagine being one of the last 14 people to play a game online, watching as your numbers slowly whittle, being claimed by disconnects. Imagine being the only person left, starting up a game, and existing in an empty world, until finally, you too disconnect, and it's all over.

Very haunting.


Nick said...

I did find that very poetic. Thanks for sharing Jeremy.

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