About This Blog

Most of what this blog is meant to be is summed up in the blurb to the left hand side of the page. But basically, I'm just going to post whatever I want here, to share with whoever cares to read it.

To the right of the blog, you can find links to my friends' blogs. Further down are some links to blogs and other regularly updated web pages I like.


Everything written here should be assumed to be my own personal opinion. I don't speak on behalf of any other person or entity, unless I specifically state so. Basically, these thoughts aren't in any way tied to my school, my employers, or anybody else.

Also, I make no guarantees on the content you might find by following links from my page. I'm not going to intentionally link to anything I think is inappropriate or what have you, but still. You follow my links, it's on you.

Felt I should add this, just to be safe.


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