The Mirror

"Pssst. Hey, you. Over here. Come here for a moment. I've got some advice for you. My name? You want to know my name? Of course, I should've known you'd ask. Been watching you for a long time now... but my name? My name is [redacted].

Oh, so that grabbed your curiosity. Knew it would. So, you've got a few minutes to hear me out? Wonderful; I think this will be good.

I know all about you. I know your struggles, and your triumphs. You've had more of the latter throughout your life, haven't you. In fact, you haven't had many struggles at all... isn't that right? Look, it's good to take what life gives you, and to make the most of it. But you want in on a secret?

Life isn't just going to hand you everything. You won't always get lucky, and have these wonderful things fall into your lap. So you need to stop being passive. Get out there and do something - take risks.

Oh, I know what you're going to say, so save your breath. You're going to have to trust me on this - you need to put yourself out there. Greater risks carry greater rewards. It's not enough to sit idly by, and take the low-risk opportunities that arise - you need to do more. You need to do more, for yourself.

I know you like to give to others. I know you look for ways to help other people, even at your own expense. Selflessness is a good trait - at times. But I know your dark secret: you live through others, because you're afraid to live for yourself.

Stings a little to hear, doesn't it? Well, the truth hurts. And I can see in your face, you know that it's true. Maybe you didn't before, but you do now. So before I leave, and let you get back on your way, I have a question for you:

What are you going to do about it? Think on that one for a bit, and see where it takes you.

Me? I'll still be watching, just like I always have been..."


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