So last night, I turned 21. I didn't have anything big planned, but fortunately my friends did. Aaron and Natalie took me out to BrewCo, and when I walked in, about 20 of my friends were there. Pretty awesome.

First thing that surprised me was seeing Ariel up front (with a drink in hand for me!), because I really didn't expect to see her at the bar. Then I'm looking around, and coming out from the back of the crowd is my friend Zach from home! He had come down from Berkeley on a trip to Irvine, swung by for my birthday, and my other friends from home showed up a bit later too.

It was just awesome that so many people could come, including people I really didn't think I'd see there. I'm not one for a ton of fanfare, and I think this played out perfectly. Thanks to Aaron for putting it all together, and to everybody who could make it. I had a blast.

I didn't get too many pictures on my camera, but these are my favorites. It was at the end of the night, and I definitely had a bit to drink, as you can probably tell in these pictures. But it was my 21st, and that's to be expected. I like them, even if we're less than sober.


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