Sliding Doors Update

Got an email from my dad this morning, and in it, he referenced my post on having sliding doors in a house. Turns out, I didn't just randomly have this thought come to me. I was pulling it from memory - my grandparents' house has these! They're called pocket doors, and they are actually really cool. I'm a fan; I could totally see having these in a house of mine. There's a picture gallery of them here, for those who are interested.

Looks like the track is on top, and it seems to be a fairly robust stabilizing track. And like I mentioned in my earlier post, the door itself IS wider than the frame, so it is stabilized by the wall as well as the track. I don't remember my grandparents' doors being flimsy or swaying much, and they've been there since my dad was a kid, so it looks like this is a totally feasible thing. Pretty sweet.


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