Required Watching

Say what you will about the show "Glee", but I think this scene from this week's episode is one that EVERYBODY should see. Obviously, spoiler alert for those who watch, but aren't yet caught up.

(Quick background for those unfamiliar with the show: the first kid talking, Kurt, is openly gay. The second kid, Finn, has just moved in with Kurt, because their parents moved in together. Finn isn't happy about moving in, or sharing a room. The third guy is Kurt's father, Burt.)

I like this clip for two important reasons - first, the early half does a good job of bringing up the difference between words on their own, and what you're REALLY saying when you use them. Trying to disguise your true meaning doesn't make you clever - it makes you a coward. And in cases like these, it makes you a cowardly bigot. Second, it's just some damn good parenting.


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