Heads Up!

I just got a call from an unknown number claiming that my debit card had been deactivated due to security reasons, and allowing me to reactivate it via phone. Choosing that option prompted the system to ask me for my card number, at which point I promptly hung up. Seemed WAY too fishy (and the brokenly robotic voice didn't inspire confidence). A quick call to my bank turned up no security holds on my card, which makes sense because I rarely use it for anything other than paying off my credit card.

So be aware of this! If you get a call from somebody (a robot OR a real person) asking for your card information like that (no matter how legit it may seem), DON'T give it out! Same goes for emails asking for your login information to "verify your account".

It's always better to hang up, and call the company yourself (or visit the website yourself, as the case may be), so you can be certain that your interactions are legit!


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