Wheel of Fortune Ad

There's a giant billboard on Olympic and Barrington advertising Wheel of Fortune. It shows the following partially completed puzzle:

H _ T   T _ E
J _ C K P _ T

Now, obviously, the answer is HIT THE JACKPOT. But this board CAN'T POSSIBLY EXIST! If somebody had guessed the letter 'H' (as evidenced by it existing in 'HIT'), then it would have to have been present in 'THE'!

How you make an ad for your puzzle game, and fail that miserably, is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Wheel of Fortune is to Jeopardy as Deliverance is to Gone With the Wind.

Alex Lawler said...

Unfortunately, my dearest friend, I am a big enough loser to know every rule of Wheel of Fortune and this situation is in fact possible. It's a "toss-up", where the letters come up one at a time until someone guesses it. The same letter thing doesn't matter. I probably shouldn't comment, because it shows how sad my life is, but I love Wheel of Fortune too much to let you besmirch their name.

Gosh I'm a loser.

Anonymous said...

Good eye Jeremy. I'm impressed by Alex's response though.

Jeremy said...

Fair enough Alex - though I must say, if the only people who will recognize your ad as NOT being poorly made are people who REALLY, REALLY like Wheel of Fortune already, then your ad really isn't targeting the right people anyways.

Also, I'd bet good money that the people who designed it weren't thinking of a toss-up, and that they really did screw it up (but, technically, got away with it). No way to prove that, of course.

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