The Force Unleashed

So I just started playing The Force Unleashed, and I like it so far. I'll track my thoughts here as I go... trying to keep spoilers to a minimum (but no guarantees).

Thoughts so far:

1) Vader is a bad-ass.
2) Love story this quickly? Wow.
3) First level as Starkiller... just the demo. Only with background story.
4) No Force Lightning yet... :(
5) Ah, there's the lightning... I love me some electrocution!
6) Battling Jedis is really fun.
7) And there's a plot twist!
8) I love upgrading my Force powers; improved lightning is just sweet.
9) Die Balrogs!
10) Sarlac? I don't think I should mess with that... oh well!
11) I wish Force Push was stronger damage-wise. It's really useful for managing large crowds (Fable had a move like it which I used a lot too), but just doesn't cause the kind of damage to objects that lightning and saber strikes do. But I suppose that's just a balancing thing.


Courtney said...

its nice to know that when im gone, some things will never change :)

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