Something I Kinda Want To Do...

One of my friends from my freshman year at UCLA recently contacted me about helping him with his (newly established) club's web page. He had a design in mind, but needed help with the coding aspect, so I agreed to tackle that for him. But while we were talking about the site, he also brought up the LA Marathon, and if I'd want to run it this year. A part of me wants to train for it, and just do it, but I'm not completely sold on the idea. Maybe I'll make that my goal for next year.

The idea of running a marathon reminded me of UCLA's Dance Marathon, which I participated in last year. I was thinking about how Courtney (my good friend who just arrived in Mozambique for 2 years with the Peace Corps) listed all the cool things she'd done (traveling Europe, dancing for 26 hours multiple times, etc.), and thought about what things I'd put on my own list.

I think I would like to have running a marathon be part of that list. But there's another thing that, until this weird sequence of thoughts occurred, I'd completely forgotten about.

It's called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short). It's basically an event that takes place over the course of November, where participants (which can be anybody) pledge to write a 175-page (50,000 word) novel by the end of the month. It has a whole online forum and such for authors to discuss with each other, share excerpts, update on their current status, etc.

I really think it'd be fun to do this. I wish it wasn't during November, which is probably too hectic of a month for me (midterms are all happening around the beginning, then prepping for finals at the end). But I think it's a really cool idea. That's one thing to add to my list, I guess. Again, don't think I'll do it this year, but I would like to try it out eventually.


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