An interesting situation came up today on the way back from getting food late at night.

I was walking back to my res hall with Sarah & Yong (two other RAs). As we were walking, we came across a sprinkler that was acting up. Rather than being pointed into the planter on our right, like it was supposed to be, it was shooting off to the left, across the sidewalk and into the street.

What was so interesting about this situation was how the three of us responded to it. I walked toward the sprinkler head, and was just going to step into the planter, and go "behind" the sprinkler head. But Sarah got there first, and twisted it back to point the "proper" way. Yong just held back, and refused to do anything about the situation until it had been remedied.

I just thought it was an interesting reflection on our varying approaches to the problem - I figured out and used a workaround, Yong refused to deal with it, and Sarah actually fixed it.

Just interesting to see.


Courtney said...

this happened two years ago with me vic and aaron. aaron laughed at it, i looked on, vic called dispatch. this happened again last year. this time aaron laughed and i called dispatch. so reflective. miss you!!

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