100 Push-Ups

I found a really cool site a few weeks back called hundredpushups.com, and decided I'd give the program a try.

Push-ups are one exercise that I've always been familiar with; nine years of martial arts training will do that to you! As will a year of football. I have no problem doing them, so I figured this would be the perfect way to build some strength, and get myself into some kind of exercising routine (though I really need to start doing some cardio work...).

You can check out the site yourself, but the basic idea is that you take an initial test, and depending how well you do on that, you follow a certain path. In the early weeks, you do 5 sets of push-ups, with rests in between. The first 4 sets have defined numbers of push-ups to do, and on the fifth set, you do as many as you can (with a particular minimum value). Each day, the number of push-ups in each set goes up, so you slowly start adding on push-ups.

In the later weeks (5 and 6), you do more sets, with shorter rests between them (though each set also has fewer push-ups). And the minimum value in that final set goes up each time.

Anyways, I started off on week 3, because I could already do a "fair" number (20-30). Here are my totals for each week thus far (keep in mind that these are spread throughout multiple sets, not all at once):

Week 3

Mon: 75
Wed: 85
Fri: 90

Week 4
Mon: 100
Wed: 115
Fri: 133

After week 4 of the program, you do a "progress test", to see how many you can do in one go. Depending on how many you do, that determines the path you follow for the next week. I'm still a little tight from Friday's workout, but I decided to do my progress test today (Saturday), so I can keep going on Mon/Wed/Fri next week.

Progress Test: 50


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