Text Messages #2

From Sarah, regarding the best possible use of the ORL Conference Room:

Im actually playing rock band in the conference room...

From Lauren, regarding residents:
So get this. My rezzies stole one of the tubs of cereal from the dining hall. Like the clear plastic things that holds a shitload of rice crispies

From Lauren, regarding life as an RA:
Fire alarm @ 3am last night. Oh the wonders of being an ra

From My Youngest Brother, regarding the greatest coincidence ever:
Dude pokemon tells the future. Think about the first gym leader.. Its BaROCK and when you beat him you get tm '08 which is BIDEn

From Sarah, regarding jealousy:
I woke up to snow, be jealous ;-)

From Aaron, regarding push ups:
im sad you're not here, but im comforted to know that where ever you are - you're doing push ups!

From Sarah, regarding me trying to ice skate:
Oh that would be priceless. I thought you would have been good with balance with you martial arts an ish

From Ariel, regarding her crazy professor:
My professor just compared the Amish to the Taliban, but with less guns and a better aptitude for making furniture. Umm....

From Ariel, regarding a program we don't much care for:

From Ariel, who obviously isn't a Sci Fi fan:
What's a hologram?

From Ariel, regarding the roof sweep I got to do:
OMG I should have stayed! I'm so effing jealous right now!

From Aubrey, regarding Thanksgiving:
Turkey! AWESOME!

From Lauren, regarding a funny coincidence (three-parts):
One of my residents had ur dad as a teacher. Random
His name is [censored]. He said he was from [censored] and went to ur high school. He said he had ur dad and then proceeded to tell me his son went to ucla
He had no idea how i knew his teachers name. I had to fill him in that i dated his son


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