Text Messages #3

From My Brother, who apparently can't spell:

When you coming home batch?

From Aubrey, regarding my new dress shoes:
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG tell whoever bought you those MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! holy shit i cant wait to see them

From Ariel, regarding my new dress shoes:
YES!! Who gave you those?! That person is my new hero. Please tell me you'll actually wear them now lol

From Ariel, thanking my mom for buying those dress shoes:
Dear Mrs. Dempster, thank you so much for giving your son something to wear that's actually fashionable and adheres to the norms of society. With love and respect, Ariel.

From AJ, regarding being at the Chargers-Broncos game:
hell yeah! go bolts!

From AJ, regarding the outcome of the Chargers-Broncos game:
hell yeah!!! what a great game!!

From Ariel, in response to me giving honest praise:
Shut up. That better not have been sarcasm.

From Lauren, with a very valid question:
Does anyone but us go to ochc programs?

From Lauren, on passing time during really boring meetings:
We're playing monopoly on the cell phones.

From Ariel, after my staff was the only one to do a real cheer:
I'm humiliated for you.

From Lauren, in regards to my plans to sit around all day watching football playoffs:
Massive man points 4 u

From My Youngest Brother, after I told him to turn on the Charger's playoff game:
Already there.

From My Mom, regarding the aforementioned game:
Go chargers

From AJ, also regarding the aforementioned game:

From Ariel, regarding me having a final paper... in an Upper Division MATH class!
What?! Are you sure you're in the right class? Haha.

From Ariel, regarding why our classes are so screwy this quarter:
I don't know, but it's going to be an interesting quarter!

From Ariel, regarding fire alarms:
We just had alarm number 11
My bad. This one is number 12.

From Ariel, after I witnessed a kid just walk by a burning trash can, and pour his gatorade on it, extinguishing it:
OMG best story ever. That guy is my new hero.


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