South Carlsbad State Beach

While I'm not a big beach person, my family has been going to South Carlsbad State beach every summer for YEARS. It's been one very consistent tradition for us. And there's something wonderful about driving along the bluffs toward the campground, and watching the waves crash on the beach below.

I remember the time we went during "red tide", where the ocean was filled with phytoplankton, tinting the water red. Oh, and when the waves would crash on the shore at night, they GLOWED. Pretty sweet.

I remember waking up early as a kid, making a hot chocolate, and looking for dolphins out in the ocean. I also remember seeing them play in the waves not far off shore. And I remember the time I was out in the ocean with my friend Zach, and a whole bunch of dolphins swam by us, maybe 10 yards away.

Oh, and how about that time we took an inflatable boat out into the waves? And spent all day pulling it out, waiting for a huge wave to come, then jumping in the boat and riding it all the way back to shore.

While it isn't my favorite place to appreciate mother nature, it'll always hold a special place in my heart, because of the memories attached to it.


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