Text Messages #7

From Ariel, regarding these posts:

Do it. It makes me feel like I have a purpose in life when I make your Wall of Fame.

From Caity, also regarding these posts:
Oh my goodness i'm so honored to be on your text message blog post

From Caity, regarding Harry Potter:
I'm reading HP3 and wizards think muggles are so dumb, but they don'e even [have] cell phones or anything! Muggles win that one.

From My Sister, who thinks very highly of herself:
yeah.. cuz im too smart for school.. so i go to disneyland and vegas or seaworld.. btw [friend] says hi.. shes too smart for school too

From Caity, regarding cars (and Harry Potter again):
Ahhh.. Maserati. The Firebolt of the muggle world..

From My Brother, regarding his Coast Guard visit:
Its sick dude. I got to sit in a helicopter and he like taught me how to fly. I didn't actually get to fly but he like talked me through controls and stuff. Pretty sweet. I cant wait to join

From Caity, who got inadvertantly caught up in our bowling adventures/madness:

From Aubrey, maintaining my low levels of faith in the general UCLA populace:
Yay! someone's riding around the hill on a bike iwht a ski mask and shooting people with a BB gun! fun saturday night for me! hehe

From Yong, in yet ANOTHER of his weird moods:
We can only know and come to care for one another by meeting fact to face arduously and by the willing loss of comfort. -Wendell Berry

From Aaron, regarding half of my heritage:
this just in! gov. schwarzenegger pushes debate on legalization of pot in california. looks like we might not need canada after all =)

From Aaron, further attacking that half of my heritage:
shut up and go eat some maple syrup, eh

The following has no context. It's just weird. Deal with it:
Ariel: "Bah humbug!"
Me: "Bah hamburger!"
Ariel: "Bah cheeseburger ...... ?"
Me: "Bah guacamole bacon $6 burger!"
Ariel: "You win."

From Ariel, regarding Spring Sing:

From Yong, regarding Spring Sing:
Omg. That wasn't suppose to happen

From Vicki, regarding Julie Andrews:
SHE HUGGED ME. and held both my hands. OMG.

From Caity, regarding Alex's excitement for seeing Julie Andrews:
Make sure she doesn't wet herself.

From Aaron, being a total G:
yes jer the whole club is looking at hurr!

From Yong, regarding his date with Janice:
Love her. She just gave me money
It's worth the coug

From Caity, the mad scientist:
Okay so i have a great idea. WHAT IF i break some glow sticks and put the glowy IN a bubble thing AND THEN blow bubbles?! Glow in the dark bubbles.

From Aubrey:
i love gay pride! ive seen several tight speedos wtih big weenies in them and there's a fat guy passing out twinkies! NOM

From Ariel, regarding bad comedy:
Oh boy, we are in for a treat
Already off to an awkward start
This is horrendous
They need to sit down immediately

From Lauren, also regarding the bad comedy:
That shit sucked

From my resident, regarding karaoke:
[Resident] is singing 'my heart will go on' pretty high pitched, i suggest you come back immediately

Thats enough for tonight. I'm way behind on these... Probably have one or two more post's worth of stuff! But those'll just have to wait.


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Mad scientist?! WOOOOO MEEEE!!!!!

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