Text Messages #4

From Ariel, after visiting me in Dykstra:

OMG when I was on my way down the elevator doors opened and Yong was sitting in his hallway reading a bedtime story to his residents, who were all gathered around him. I kid you not.

From Lauren, regarding her residents:
Lol just dont mess with my kids. I cant imagine what it will be like when they are my biological kids. Beware.

From Yong, being unusually upbeat:
The weather is lovely outside. Good day to you!

From Ariel, in regards to me hanging out with Aaron:
Haha old men.

From Sarah, regarding her new pet:
I got a baby wolf.
We adopted him. Hes all white and 7 weeks old.

From Ariel, boosting my ego (I don't remember the context):
WOW. Man of the year.

From Ariel, further boosting my ego (separate occasion):
Lol you are such a badass. Speaking of which, I told [boyfriend] how you documented [the evil housing guy nobody likes], and now he officially has a man crush on you.

From Yong, continuing to be ridiculously upbeat and optimistic:
I know there is a rainbow for me to follow to get beyond my sorrows, thunder precedes the sunlight so i'll be alright, if i can find that rainbow's end.

From Lauren, regarding going to a country bar for her birthday:
Thanks! As for the country, suck it up, you will survive. Promise!

From Ariel, while I was at the above-mentioned country bar:
Having fun making a fool out of yourself yet?

From Ariel, after I told her I was being positive, and actually enjoying myself at the country bar:
Well then I'm proud of you, slugger.

From Lauren, after I admitted that I actually did enjoy myself:
Yeah country music can be fun!


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