You Tell 'em Kid

I just saw this video today (even though it's almost a year old it seems), and thought it was pretty cool.

Basically, this guy gave a speech that the kids at the school thought was hilarious, but not the administrators. So they took "disciplinary action", which prompted this follow-up video:

Now, do I think his speech was out of line?

Not at all. The only questionable part I can find is the comment about one of the teachers. However, he also claims that she doesn't teach there any more, so while still slightly tasteless, can't really be considered offensive or attacking.

He also pokes fun at another student at the very end, which could've been considered inappropriate, except that student got up and continued the joke, so he obviously wasn't offended. Thus, no problem.

The issue that administrators raised was that, when taken out of context, some of his comments were very inappropriate. Which is very true.

HOWEVER, that's when you take them OUT OF CONTEXT. He wasn't saying these things OUT of context; they were IN context, and in the context he used them, they were satirical, but hardly inappropriate or harassing.

Everything he said (except, arguably, the comment about the teacher) was acceptable in that context, and he shouldn't be punished for it.

And, truth be told, I think the administrators knew that. Deep down, I think they understood that there was no ill intent. But they had a knee-jerk reaction, started an "investigation", and all that jazz. Administrators are like that; go against what they expect, and they freak out, even if you aren't doing anything unreasonable.

But really, when you look at the sanctions imposed on him for this, the administrators did shit compared to the "charges" they drew up. They needed to puff themselves up, but didn't really do anything.

Though, it should be noted that I don't think he got off easy simply because the administrators knew deep down that it was just satirical. I don't think they consciously knew that. I think they are under the impression that their response was justified and of an appropriate scale. Which of course means that they're really just idiots.

Kudos to Brandon for having a brain.


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