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Over Winter break, while all of my friends and I were back home, we got together pretty often to just "jam" on instruments. It's a great way to pass time, and just have fun.

I realized that I could plug my Rock Band microphone into my computer, fire up Audacity (a free audio recording program), and actually record these "jam sessions". Now, the quality isn't very good at all, since it was literally just one microphone sitting in the middle of the room, trying to pick up some combination of guitars, bass guitars, and drums.

But, all things considered, it worked pretty well. My favorite thing about it though was that we set up some extra pieces of a drum set we had to make a second, "half-drum" kit. It had a snare, hi-hat, crash cymbal, ride/crash cymbal, and a couple toms. But I'd sit on that, and alternate between simple beats and simple fills, while my more talented friends played the full set, and it ended up sounding pretty cool.

I uploaded all the stuff we recorded, which you can find here and here. But some of my favorites are embedded below:

Simple Jam 1:

(I'm the only drummer in this, on the half-kit)

Drum Jam:

(I'm on the half-kit, my friend Zach on the full kit)

Dude, These Strings Are Pieces of Shit!

(I'm on the half-kit, my friend Dan on the full kit, and my friend Andrew on guitar)

Space Jam:

(I'm on the half-kit, and it's either Zach or Andrew on guitar. The other was playing the full kit)

War Drums:

(Zach on the full kit, Dan on the half-kit, and I think Andrew on guitar. I didn't play on this one)


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