New Blog Title

I decided I wanted to give this an actual, proper title, rather than just displaying my name in huge letters at the top of the page. Though, to be honest, my narcissistic side did appreciate that...

I knew the title would probably be somewhat math related, but I know there's so much more to who I am than just that, so I was having trouble coming up with something I liked. I finally settled on the theme of "adding up" experiences, and came up with the title you now see.

I like it because I feel it uses a math theme (an infinite sum), but encompasses much more - namely, all of my thoughts and experiences. I don't write exclusively (or, to be honest, even that often) about math things, so I like the wider variety implied. And, in a slight deviation from the rigid nature of math, I settled for using "A Sum" rather than "The Sum" - after all, who's to say that somebody else with these same experiences and thoughts is necessarily going to be JUST like me?**

See, I like to think I have some literary capabilities too... =)

Oh yeah, I'd be remiss to mention on of the suggestions Aubrey gave me for a new title... Revenge of the Corn.

**Actually, that's a great philosophical question, but I'm not going to get into it here. I guess another way of looking at it would be to claim that the sum of experiences isn't necessarily commutative... But there I go being 'mathy' again!**


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