I was talking to a friend of mine today, and she came up with a new nickname for me. I realized that I have had TONS of nicknames throughout the years; some clever, some dumb, and some just plain weird. Ones I can remember off the top of my head:

  • Dempstar

  • Germ

  • Germ the Worm

  • Germany

  • Germy

  • Germy Dumpster

  • J

  • JD

  • J Demp

  • J-Man

  • Jam

  • Jam Dampster

  • Jammy Dodger

  • Jamster

  • Jer

  • Jerrrrrrrrrrr (the amount of 'r's varies)

  • Jerry

  • Jerry Demmy

  • Jim

  • Jimmy

  • Mad Dog

  • MG

  • Nerdemy

  • Perry

  • Remmy

  • Wolferine

  • The Wolf Man

No lie, I've been called every one of these at least once before in my life. It's kind of ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.


Courtney said...


Anonymous said...

You forgot about Perry...
And Germany! I'm insulted.


Jeremy said...

I said it was off the top of my head! But they've been added now.

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