Text Messages #5

From Ariel, when I told her I was playing Guitar Hero:

Rock on.

From My Youngest Brother:
This girl in my psych class said you look like jesus

From Ariel, in response to that:
What the hell?! Pardon the pun with the Jesus reference. But first of all, has she seen you? Second of all, is she delusional?

From Ariel, regarding another of her crazy professors:
My teacher is talking about how passing hte pipe when you're smoking weed is a sign of respect and saying "we are one"

From Ariel, when I was fixing my lights:
Please tell me you didn't electrocute yourself....

From Aaron, in memory of a crazy trip:
im on my way to vegas with robert, and we're about at the point where i tried to box [mutual friend] in behind the tanker and he hit 110 sneaking in front of me!

From Aaron, while in Vegas:
playing [a game] at oshea's casino and this one is in your honor! also, from a rando: "i only believe in two things: my balls and my word." think on that one

From My Sister, who was also in Vegas that weekend (for a cheer competition):
we got first place! out of 10 teams too!! woo hoo!

From Ariel, echoing my sentiments about radio use:

From Aubrey, regarding her co:
[Evil housing guy nobody likes] was taking pictures of posters, so my co ID'd him and walked him down to the orl office

From Aubrey, after I messed with her room when she let me in unsupervised:
haha i JUST noticed your post it. haha too funny

From Aubrey, after I assured her that the post it was the only thing I messed with:
i was a little nervous, not gonna lie

From Ariel, texting me simultaneously (and subsequently trying to jinx me):
WTF is Dispatch doing?

From Natalie, regarding my resident who performed martial arts at a talent show:
Is she your resident? Did you train her?


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