Chocolate Milk

It's come to my attention that there is a problem in this world. A problem that sorely needs to be corrected. And that problem is chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk. Used to drink it almost every day after school. I'd come home, make myself a glass, and read the comics in the paper. But recently, I've been hearing other people's takes on chocolate milk, and it hurts my soul.

Aubrey wrote a post about Hershey's Special Dark Syrup, and mentioned how after making chocolate milk with it, she just couldn't stand to use the regular kind. And Alex told me once about making her chocolate milk with syrup.

Ladies and gentlemen, this needs to stop. You don't use chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk. It's just wrong... a passable substitute for when you run out of the real stuff - Nesquik powder.

I've tried both, and the Nesquik is just leaps and bounds better. You have much better control over the thickness of the drink, and just how chocolaty you want it to be.

Chocolate syrup is best saved for things like fruit, ice cream, milkshakes, or as Aubrey suggested, bodies. But when it comes to whipping up a cold glass of chocolate milk, it's Nesquik all the way. With 2% milk, by the way - skim milk doesn't bond to the chocolate as well, and you get a weird flavor.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jeremy.

I love me some Nesquik, actually. I think it tastes great. BUT, as someone whose first priority is lattes, I find that dark chocolate syrup is a great multi-purpose chocolate product. Although Nesquick in a latte (iced only) could work, how would it taste on ice cream or people?

(*cough*chokes on powder*cough)

Jeremy said...

Normally, I'm all for making the most of your products. But in this case, you can't pick just one - gotta have them both.

Also, if you have an old-school milkshake maker (like I do at home), you can make an AMAZING chocolate milkshake using powder over syrup.

Sarah said...

Powder= chunky chocolate milk = NO

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