Video Game Addiction

One of the editors on Kotaku (a video game blog) recently wrote an article detailing his former addiction with a video game called EverQuest. I found it very interesting to read, because video game addiction is a legitimate concern, but not something I've ever witnessed first-hand.

People have suggested (jokingly, I hope) that I'm addicted to video games, but I don't feel that. And after reading the article, I know that I'm not. I do play a bit, and definitely more than anybody I know personally, but not to the point where it becomes a problem. Especially since it fills in the time when I don't have other leisure activities going on - going out with friends, watching TV, reading, etc. are all activities that take the place of gaming - not things I do in addition to it.

Still, to read about the impact the addiction had on his life was very powerful. Definitely an eye-opener, and a big thanks to him for opening up not only to the Kotaku community, but to essentially anybody on the internet.

I Kept Playing - The Costs of My Gaming Addiction
(Michael Fahey - Kotaku)


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