I was driving back to UCLA from work today, and I saw a car with license plate of "IMMALBU". The first thing I thought was how arrogant of a plate that is. Then I saw the plate frame:

"I meet 'em dry.
I leave 'em wet."

Awesome. Somebody thinks he's tough shit. He IS Malibu, and he leaves 'em all wet. I was disgusted, but then I realized something really funny. He was driving a Ford Mustang.

It wasn't one of the old Mustangs either... it was the newer body style, probably not more than a year or two old (I don't really know cars all that well though).

The reason I find this funny is that he obviously thought he was some big-time player. But in Malibu, you can't go more than 5 minutes without seeing a Mustang. There's nothing special about driving one of those in Malibu. You're just like any other person. Mustangs in Malibu are like Honda Civics in a normal city - everybody has them. You aren't special.

My boss drives a Lamborghini. Your Mustang doesn't impress me at all.


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