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From Chris, regarding video games:


From Zach, also regarding video games:

From Zach, regarding Halo 3's impending release:
fuck yea! tonights the night!

From Lauren, regarding My Sister:
So ur little sister added me on facebook. I think we have the same musical tastes. Yeah jonas brothers and disney channel! I like her already

From Natalie, regarding vacations:
We're going to vegas... YAY!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!

From Ariel, regarding overexcitement:
Haha I wouldn't expect you to. You were doing a high kick on dietz's hand and then decided to shove your face in my camera and start yelling

From Natalie, regarding the reliability of UCLA infrastructure:
Hi! im stuck in the elevator in evergreen... Facilities is on their way, hahaha... And im on duty. Just my luck...

From Ariel:
Fucking awkward flagpole

From Aaron, regarding life in general:
Oy vey

From Aaron, regarding me getting rehired in Dykstra:
Jerry Demmy! Congrats jerrrr!

From Courtney, regarding me getting rehired in Dykstra:
Jerry Demmy! Congrats jerrrrr!

From Aaron, regarding a particularly awful day:
I must have done something very bad in a previous life

From Courtney, regarding me getting "Top Performer" in Rock Band:
Haha omg. When i come back ten bucks says you're back to most gutsy.

From Aaron, regarding my future in ORL:
Jerry demmy for seppy

From Courtney:
When can we rock?

From Courtney, regarding music:
I'm in the middle of the most epic bon jovi karaoke ever...

From Courtney, regarding priorities:
I just found a to do list from last week and "play rock band" was written in between "write paper" and "study for midterm"

From Courtney, regarding programming:
Haha. I can see the publicity now: "come paint wooden crap with court and jerry." who WOULDN'T come?!

From Courtney, while coming back from Vegas on Memorial Day weekend:
Omg. Traffic stopped for so long that we all got out and performed six morale dances in the middle of the freeway. Traffic in the other direction almost stopped!

From Courtney, involving three completely unrelated comments:
No big. I'm hungry. Karen Hedges just whizzed by me on a razor scooter.

From Ariel, regarding Mythology:

From Zach, regarding athletics:
woot soccer tonight. y'all motherfuckers aint readyyyyyyyy!

From Aaron, regarding history:
men of dykstra- interesting fwd from courd > FWD: Fun fact: back in the day, dykstra had a midnight curfew for women (2 on fri/sat) and NO curfew for men! Wtf?

From Courtney, regarding The Dark Knight:
BEST MOVIE EVER. Run, don't walk to the nearest movie theater. Now.

From Aubrey, regarding Grand Theft Auto IV:
Haha slap dat ho! you go jeremy!

From My Youngest Brother, regarding the aforementioned Zach:
Okay so i went to white lime and i looked up onto the tv and theres zach with his fist pumped up in the air then i look down and hes standing there looking at me laughing. Just thought i should share that

From Courtney, regarding "Snow (Hey Oh)" on Rock Band:
Ariel beat you?? EPIC FAIL!!

From My Sister:
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear jeremy, happy birthday to you! happy 20th birthday!

From Aubrey, in regards to being Republican:
Amg i just saw a rainbow shirt and i lifted it up and it said "barack the white house" yuck!

From Lauren, regarding UCLA rules:
I feel like not wearing red is just a standard rule @ ucla, like dont plagerize

From Aubrey, regarding policy training:
blah blah dont draw penises dont harrass blah blah can we leave?

From Ariel, regarding the truth:
Lol my anthro teacher just said "the lottery is essentially a tax on people who are bad at math."

From Lauren, regarding LA:
Only @ LAX would the starbucks line be longer than the line 4 security

From Aubrey, regarding the corn market:
"It looks like the market has been dominated by Dempsterco, in todays purchase of the entire world corn supply. CEO Dempster says the corn will go on his salad"

I have strange friends.


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