1 Second of Fame?

So, I might be in an episode of HEROES in a couple months! They were filming a scene on campus, and (thanks to a tip-off from Lauren) I went to go check it out. Walked alongside where the scene was being filmed, and there were some extras in my area so it's possible that I'll be in the back of the scene for a brief amount of time. Of course, that depends on how large the viewing window of the camera was, and if they even use that take, but it's a possibility at any rate.

Here's a picture of the scene, which involved Claire (Hayden Panettiere) running. She's the red arrow, I'm the blue arrow, and the camera is the orange arrow (it was moving on a cart parallel to me, shooting toward Hayden):

So, yeah, in Episode 16 of this season (called "Pass, Fail"), look for when Claire runs through a quad. If you see a guy in the background of the scene, walking the same way she's running, in blue jeans and a brown shirt, that's me! If it happens, and I can find it, I'll post a screenshot.


Anonymous said...

heh you're a nerd

Anonymous said...

so funny. haha.

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