Happy Birthday Dykstra!

Fifty years ago today, the first residence hall on what would become known as "The Hill" at UCLA was dedicated. Named for Clarence Addison Dykstra, a former Professor, Provost and Vice President at UCLA, Dykstra Hall would eventually become the first co-ed dorm in the country. Currently home to almost 1000 residents, as well as its 27-person student staff team, Dykstra Hall is known for its social and welcoming atmosphere, which has enticed many residents to return to the hall in their second and third years.

To celebrate Dykstra's 50th, the Student Leader team put on a giant party in the quad. With various games & activities, and lots of free food & giveaways, the party was a fantastic celebration of D-Luv, true to the culture that makes us love Dykstra.

Oh, and there was an opportunity to "pie" the RAs. Watch as Ariel, my friend and fellow Dykstra RA, takes a shot at me:

I can truly say that Dykstra is the greatest hall - there's a culture here that starts with the RAs and SLs, and moves down to all the residents, that just can't be matched anywhere else.

So Happy Birthday Dykstra! I can't imagine my UCLA career without you. Here's to 50 more years of D-Luv!


Anonymous said...

Dykstra was the best part of college. Being an RA, SL, or just a resident. Just being there was fantastic.


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