Best. Tailgate. Ever.

(I know I recently launched a dedicated football blog, but this week is going to see a few football-related posts here too. It's Blue and Gold Week, with our big showdown against U$C next Saturday, and it's also my final year as a UCLA student, so I have a lot of memories and thoughts I want to share.)

Today marked my final tailgating experience as a college student. Spending my Saturdays at the Rose Bowl to cheer on the UCLA Football team has been a staple of my Fall quarter these last 4 years, so this last day meant a lot to me.

Drove up with Ariel, Natalie, and Tony, and we worked with sandwiches and beers as our tailgating "meal". Tony and I also went to hang out with Alex, Vicki, Carlos, Holly, and the rest of them for a bit. And when we got back to our site, the group next to us had kind of expanded to include us, so we hung out with them for a good while.

And who should show up as part of that group? Renae, who worked with me & Ariel a few years ago in Dykstra, and lived on my floor (with Tony). So that was a pleasant surprise!

Then, on our way into the game, Tony and I swing by to visit Katie, another former Dykstra RA. We joined them for a couple games of flip cup, and had a visit from Darth Vader during a game of beer pong. Ridiculous, and totally awesome.

Once in the Rose Bowl, it was just a great time. Saw a bunch of friends, UCLA won handily, and it was great to hear from some of the senior players afterwards. Then Coach Neuheisel came out to speak, getting us fired up for the game next week at U$C. And then came finally buying and eating a bacon-wrapped hot dog on the way out.

And while this may not SOUND especially different and exciting, it was just a perfect way to end it. I feel very at peace with everything.

Of course, there's still one more game. One last rivalry game. We won't be favored, but we do have a legitimate chance next week. And I can't wait. Go Bruins!


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