Pointless Protest

So the UC Regents are meeting this week at UCLA, to discuss, amongst other things, a mid-year fee increase. Naturally, this has pissed a lot of people off. They don't want to pay more, and I can't blame them.

There have been some protests already, and more are planned for today. And though I have no desire to have higher fees, I don't see the point of these protests.

I'm not sure what the protesters think they're ACTUALLY going to accomplish. The Regents KNOW this won't be a well-liked decision, but guess what else they know? That you're STILL going to be here and pay it. Or, if not you, then somebody else gladly will.

The perceived value of a college education is SO high that your protest carries absolutely NO threat of not having people to pay the fee increase. When they invariably pass it, you'll continue to bitch and moan, only you'll be paying 15% more to do so.

This isn't the case with ALL protests, of course. But in this case, the protest is pointless. Unless your goal is to simply annoy the hell out of those of us who are trying to, you know, access what we're paying (too much, and soon to be more) for.


Anonymous said...


a good 90% of the protests that take place at UCLA don't mean shit, and don't make a fucking bit of difference.

protests are only valuable when they draw attention to an issue that calls on people's consciences (ie, civil rights), and also when the people likely to view the protest are in a position to effect change (ie, voters).

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